Storage solutions and a good rumage to boot….

 Hi Everyone

Sue Here

 I know it’s not Thrifty Thursday but bear with me – today I’m showing you

what I’ve done with all of my stamps.  They use to be on a shelf in
files (as below) now they are in Really Useful Boxes coded and on A4 see
through plates.

 How did I come by this?  Well the other day I was looking at my stash and
realised that some of my stamps had not seen the light of day of YEARS!
So I started to look at them, and the more I dug the more surprised I
was and thought – I really must use that one and that one and that
one………….  Some I am putting on EBay because my taste has changed
but it was lovely to see some old favoriates and dare I say some which I
have put away and never used!

I then looked up how much the storage panels were to put my stamps on. So after buying a few packets I thought I could make my own as it was getting quite expensive.

I got out my laminator out and purchased a box of 100 laminating pouches
(250 microns, which means they are thick and strong to hold your
heaviest stamps-search for cheapest quote – mine were from Amazon) and
ran them through without anything in between.  I then punched holes in
the left side just in case I wanted to put them into a folder again.

 I have then put them into categories such as Christmas, Animals, Children, Tim
Holtz,etc and written this on the front of the box for easy reference.
As you can see I have used 3 Really Useful Boxes (I’m addicted to these big time) all getting full with my stamps in.

Yes this has took me 3 days on and off but it now looks really good on my shelf.

Hope I’ve inspired you to have a look at your stash and have a sort out….take care….Sue


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