Experimenting makes me Hungry….

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Today’s technique does not come with a completed card but I hope you’ll like the experimenting you can do with products you have in your kitchen.

This technique comes courtesy of Hero Arts which is a favourite site of mine and I loved the concept, so I thought I would share it with you.

Firstly have a good rummage through your cupboards and get out all your powder foods such as angel delight, ground pepper, coco, powdered drinks etc.  The more fruity the better.  I hadn’t got any so tottered off to the local supermarket and purchased a few!!  They cost approx 20p – 50p per packet and can be reused.

You also need clear embossing powder, a heat gun, versamark, coloured pens, a clean and empty small container and a small circle punch or spellbinder.

Firstly colour a cut out small circle with the colour of your packet of food.  e.g. blackcurrant dessert=purple coloured circle.  Take the empty container and put into this 2 scoops of clear embossing powder.  I have measuring spoons and used the smallest one.  Then in the same container put 1 scoop of the food powder, giving it a good mix.  Then press the punched out circle into the versamark then cover with the mixture.  Heat set.  Leave for 10 seconds to cool off then smell the circle and scratch it.  It will smell of the food you have put in the embossing powder! Sugar free with aspartame apparently are better at binding, but give anything a go and find out what works and what doesn’t.

The powder left in the container I emptied into a small plastic resealable bag, marking it with what I had used and brushed the container ready for the next experiment.


 Not so smelly!

Good smell!

I have purchased store’s own black pepper, weight watchers packet custard and jellies and Cadbury’s highlights and if I ever get hungry I can always eat them!

This is really good if you have some cookie stamps, cake stamps or fruit stamps.  You can do a ‘scratch and sniff’ card!  Hero Arts recommend you use were possible sugar free stuff.  I say have a go at anything you can lay your hands on!  I must admit some of the powders I used do not give off a smell, others are fantastic.  The best one I purchased was the blackcurrant dessert – just like blackcurrants……..

Happy scratching and sniffing!!
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