Candle Centrepiece….

Hi Everyone
Sue Here
Today is the final table decoration for the season.

 I have carried on with the Tuesday theme and made a plain candle have some appeal!


You can use napkins or tissue paper.  If you use tissue paper you could buy plain and stamp your own design onto it, cut it out and use the same technique to put it onto the candle.

Firstly you need a candle a piece of grease proof paper and a template of the size and width of your candle. Cut out the napkin/tissue paper accordingly. The napkin/tissue paper you can stamp with your favourite stamps and ink. The napkin you need to separate the top layer from the rest and just use the printed piece.

Place this around the candle and then place the greaseproof paper over the top,  keeping it in place with your hand.  Then get your heat gun and go over the top of the greaseproof paper lightly with heat, melting the tissue paper/napkin into the candle.  The greaseproof paper stops the wax running everywhere, makes it smooth, but do not overheat.

There you have it, simples……..  Have a lovely Christmas…… Sue
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