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It was Earth Day on 22.4.12 and we should take a moment to look around, breathe our air in a little deeper and hug our trees a little tighter.  Take a moment to appreciate the unbelievable resources we have and to pledge to do our best to protect the incredible offerings that nature unfailingly provides us. What will you do to carry on Earth Day?

There are plenty of ideas on the web. Consider partaking in one (or all!) of the activities below that will give you the opportunity to thank the Earth for all that she gives us.

Have a Picnic

To celebrate the Earth’s “deliciousness,” have a picnic with the family or friends in a park or out in the country near you.

Plant a Tree
Help restore indigenous ecologies and lessen the climate crisis in environmentally-damaged locations, by planting trees in the communities that desperately need them.

Pledge an Act of Green
Be encouraged to pledge an act of green. Whether your plan is to plant a tree, clean up a park or commit to another noble green act, let the world know!

Teach About the Earth
Educate the next generation about the importance of protecting the Earth,  teach, specifically, about water conservation and keep inspiring family friends and work colleagues long after Earth Day.

Roll up your sleeves and join Earth-enthusiasts determined to save the planet, by getting involved with an environmental project in your area.

Make sure you use the craft items you have purchased and make an effort to recycle anyway you can with items from your home or alter items for your craft projects from charity shops, jumble sales or car boot sales instead of buying new.

passages taken from AOL Huffington Post

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