E Bosser Fix….

Hi Everyone
Just a few tips for anyone who has got an E Bosser:
indexIf you get your plates stuck ———DON’T PANIC.
I did that yesterday and I swear (there was a lot of that!) I tried every trick which was on the Internet to get them out.
1. Turn the machine  off and on.
2. Turn the machine on and hold the button for 5 seconds and the rollers may come backwards and pop the plates out. 
3. Get a piece of wood and hammer and hit the wood on the plates from the back and again they will pop out.
4. Get another person, turn on the machine and one pull the plates out from the front.
5. Leave overnight to let the rollers relax, turn on and they should let the plates come out.
By this morning I was resigning myself to purchasing another E Bosser.
So I thought – nothing to loose if anything I want to save the plates and the embossing folder which is trapped inside so I might as well dismantle it!
I started by:
1. Unscrewing the handle. 
2. Unscrewing the screws situated at the rear of the machine under the handle.
3. Taking out the feet stoppers and unscrewing the screws inside the feet.
4. Pulling apart the machine casing.
5. You are then left with the rollers and the mechanism.  The electric source is a small plug in thingy at the end of a wire which runs under the rollers to the front circuit box inside the casing.  The will come undone when you pull the machine apart. Its easy to put back in before you put the casing back together – just don’t forget.
6. Unscrew the side plate holding the electrics to under the rollers.
7.  Take a large screwdriver and insert in the cogs and push the cogs forward which in turn turns the rollers forward which moves the plates backwards towards you.  After a few turns the plates come out.
Yippee I thought I’ve got all my plates back, now to put the machine back together.  I was careful to put all my screws in piles before hand and put everything back in its place.
Fingers crossed – YES the machine works again and it seems is none the worst for its mishap – my nerves however are a different matter!  but my philosophy was that if I was purchasing a new one I might as well get some benefit out of the old one – learn something of how it works and maybe get a few bits for my steam punk cards!
Hope this helps someone else.
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1 Comment on “E Bosser Fix….

  1. Johna14 September 2015 at 00:02

    thank you for taking the time to post this. I recently got my plates stuck and was just sick about it. I found this post, followed your directions and now I can use my machine again!
    for some odd reason, I can’t get my handle back on, but I don’t even really care about that. thank you again so much!

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